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Hairy Chest
Hairy Chest
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There’s no coffee in Singapore like Hairy Chest. It’s strong. Very strong. For the coffee lover (and strong, quiet type) who prefers it black and bold, you’ve met your match. Inky molasses, dry cocoa, and peanut-y finish makes Hairy Chest a deliciously bold and extremely drinkable coffee.

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Dark Chocolate



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Don’t forget to recycle your coffee bags!

Don’t forget to recycle your coffee bags!

Our compostable pods are Nespresso compatible.

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Very Strong | Uncompromising | Intense

A chest-beating, hair-growing blend of super strong coffee that is knockout strong. A cup of coffee that is inky with molasses, dry cocoa on the nose and peanuts on the finish. Milk can soften some edges with sweet vanilla notes.

A perfectly crafted cup of uncompromisingly strong coffee.

Where are the coffee beans sourced from?

We source our specialty coffees for this blend from a combination of Columbia, Bolivia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi.

Who should buy Hairy Chest?

If you like your coffee very strong and with lots of milk, this one's for you!

Is Hairy Chest a specialty coffee?

Yes, it sure is! All our blends are made of the highest quality specialty coffee. We use only the best tasting specialty coffees to make our blends. Hairy Chest is no exception to this rule!

Why does the flow from our coffee pods feel slow?

It’s difficult to capture all of the most wonderful parts of specialty coffee - the aroma, crema, and the delicacy of the flavour notes - in a pod. But that’s exactly what we’ve done at Gumption. As a result, the pods will pour more slowly than with darker roasts, but as we all know, the best things in life take time!

It’s a match

Want to push the pedal on ‘extreme’? Here you go!

Best enjoyed as

  • Espresso with lots of milk
  • Cappuccino / Latte

Recommended for

  • Stovetop
  • Drip Filter
  • French Press
  • Aeropress
  • Espresso