Dovetail - The Perfect Specialty Coffee for plant-based milk

Are you a coffeeholic who thinks that coffee tastes best without regular milk? Or maybe you are a coffee lover who is lactose intolerant? Coffee doesn’t necessarily need to have milk or other dairy products, and for all you non-dairy coffee lovers, Dovetail is the perfect solution.

Now that you know Dovetail is the perfect blend to mix with your milk alternative, here are some of the best milk alternatives to choose from!

Oat milk

Made from water, oats, and oil, oat milk has quickly gained popularity among milk alternatives. Apart from its surprisingly good taste, it also is one of the only non-dairy products that can match the richness of dairy milk. It is also rich in fiber and has the right amount of protein.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is one of the tastiest milk alternatives out there, thanks to its creamy texture and sweet flavour. These characteristics have made it a pretty popular alternative for non-dairy drinkers.

Keep in mind that it is a little high in fat content and has a slight hint of coconut flavouring. Since coconut milk generally belongs in a tropical fruit drink, it brings your coffee a unique touch.

Soy milk

Soy milk has been around for quite some time and hence is already well known among coffee aficionados who eliminate dairy from their diet. This is one of the most commonly found milk alternatives and will be served at almost every cafe or restaurant.


Dovetail is Gumption Coffee's solution to those of us that love our coffee with plant base milk alternatives. What are you waiting for? Order your Dovetail ground coffee, whole coffee beans or coffee pods right now!